We have discovered that many of the I.C.D.A. members are having PACE billing problems. The cause of these problems are numerous.

First of all, many of the members are not getting paid the amounts indicated on their DECLARATION FORMS, but are getting paid a reduced amount. Some members aren’t getting paid at all.

Secondly, many members are not getting paid in a timely manner.

The causes can be due to sloppy paper work. Also much of the paperwork submitted for payment is inaccurate and/or has mistakes. One mistake can be due to wrong dates and wrong hours.

For instance, a member can accidentally bill more than 6 1/2 court hours on any given day, or bill court hours on a weekend or Court Holiday.

All of this can be prevented and the members can reduce the time it takes to create then Declaration Forms by 80% to 90%.

For help, please call David Mizrahi at 818-477-7453

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